Last day of School

There is something really cool about working the last day of school. Teachers arrive to school giddy. We share a breakfast together and have a few laughs. We reminisce a little about the school year and perhaps share some of what our plans are for the summer. Then, the great evacuation of the school. Most, if not all teachers are out of the building. I admit most if not all years, I have been an evacuee. Today, I set aside time to work and clean. It’s amazing to have some time to decompress at work and clean up my thoughts before I step out of the building. There is an amazing presence at school in this moment. A calm has arrived after the parties and storms. It is a wonderful time for reflection and awe.

In early September, my family will be four instead of three. I have been thinking about how to prepare for the changes in my family as well as in my classroom. In both realms, I feel different. As a mother, I feel a bit older and wiser…I have been told too many times how my second child will be challenging and for lack of a better word…a stinker. Yet, I feel I understand the role of a mother better. As a teacher, I feel I am getting closer to the role of the teacher as facilitator or in the shadows more than as the “sage on the stage.” For many years, I have felt the need to entertain my students or make them laugh with my mistakes in travel and language learning. I have tried so hard at times to be genuine and sincere that it was almost painful. I understand better now how to balance being genuine with giving students more opportunities to learn together and have fun in learning! I feel through my Twitter PLN I have been back in college again. It has been amazing learning with people passionate about education. The faculty and staff are amazing in my school as well. Some of my best Twitter experts are my coworkers!

A physical change in my classroom will be no teachers desk. I’m not sure about the chair yet. Today, I emptied my desk of school supplies and arranged them for my students in a cabinet they have access to during class. Sometimes, I feel my students just need a rubber band, a paper clip or a stapler. Can’t we talk about French??? Parlons de la culture française!!! Mentally and physically, this takes me away from the front of the room. I have always taught from all corners of the room….but this change will be dramatic. I will work from a table next to my students…instead of in front of my students. From a management standpoint, it’s going to rock! I can’t believe haven’t done this years ago.

A part of my PD over the summer will be to participate in Shell Terrell’s #30goals. As soon as we have the internet at our house, I will start the challenge. I will be posting my challenges and successes on Twitter and on this blog!

I can’t believe this year is over….I am looking forward already to adventures this fall! Happy summer!


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  1. Beckie Moeller
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 02:46:37

    I just stumbled upon this blog, and I am STOKED! You and Mr. Boo were (and still are) my biggest influences in my deciding to become a teacher.
    I am surprised you hadn’t gotten rid of your desk years ago as well, considering you always did end up just pulling a seat up to our table when we asked you for help on something.
    It sounds like technology is no longer creeping into your classroom like it was when I was there in 2007 (with the “COWS”) but is charging in full force. What an exciting time to teach.
    Can’t wait to have a classroom of my own to experiment with. 🙂


    • profhutch
      Sep 14, 2010 @ 12:47:02

      I am so touched by your comments! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. It means so much. I’ll be updating the blog soon. It’s been a bit :).

      Congrats on becoming a teacher. It’s an amazing profession. I’d love to hear about your adventures as well!!!


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