Thanks, Dad.

Mom, Kayla (granddaughter), Dad

Part of my professional development over this summer is to work on Shelly Terrell’s #30 goals. It is a free book offered online to help educators work on their own personal learning. In goal #16, one is to show your appreciation to someone who has impacted your life. Instantly, I thought of my dad.

Why dad? My thoughts first flood to when I was a small child. My dad worked very hard to support his family. For a couple of years, Dad worked in Milwaukee. I missed my dad so much but when he was able to be home….he was home. He would play with us outside either basketball, swimming, or a little backyard football. We would have bon fires and share meals together as a family.  Dad shared with us the importance of family and faith in our daily lives. On the weekend, we would often visit his dad in New London.

With having 8 daughters, you would think….oh, your poor father! My dad never made us feel as if we were a disappointment to him. Most of my sisters share with people that when we were growing up, we had one shower for six daughters (my little sisters were born a little later :)). Dad really had to wait his turn!  My mom did an amazing job of feeding us healthy meals. I remember Dad always thanking my mom for the work she had done….which was a lot! The best part was that Dad always did the dishes. I don’t ever remember a dirty dish in the sink in the morning.

Dad visited me while I was living in France. It was so important to me that he share in my love of the French people, language and culture. We enjoyed our time together even though the visit was short.

This past year, my husband Matt and I have built a house on Hutchison Road….right next to where Dad grew up as a child. We feel so fortunate to be near family. Within one mile, we have two uncles, three aunts and cousins! We would not have been able to build here without the support of my parents.

Dad always told us to reach for our dreams and continue believing in yourself. This year, Dad announced he was running for State Senate. I could not be more proud of my Dad for his desire to help Wisconsin become and continue to be a wonderful place to live. He has been such a great role model for me.

Merci mon père. Je t’aime!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jessica Brogley
    Aug 08, 2010 @ 04:15:21

    What a wonderful post! I forgot you’re one of eight. That’s crazy. I can’t even imagine.

    Anyway, your dad sounds like an amazing man. To travel and yet be such a great dad would mean a lot to me too. 🙂


  2. Shelly Terrell
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 19:13:09

    My dad raised 5 girls! I’m so grateful to him and in many of my posts I reference my father. In fact he was one of the first ones to comment on my blog! Thanks for such a great post! Took me back memory lane!


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