How was your summer?

Fantastic! I am so blessed an fortunate to have had a wonderful summer. How many times in a school professional’s lifetime to they hear this question? It’s an insane question really. It’s right up there with when I was living in Normandy during college, upon returning home, everyone asked me.. “How was France? How was Paris?” The glaze in their eyes communicated an disinterest in the true answer…but they somehow felt it was at least important to ask.

Going back…how was your summer? I have to say  my least favorite answer in the world is….Fast. It was so fast. Really? Is that all we can come up with for a response? Several times this summer, I really tried to be in the moment of the day. Enjoying an ice cream cone from a local drive-in or just feeling the breeze on my face. Don’t get me wrong…I’ve had summers that were “fast.” Part of the problem is sometimes in teaching, we do not feel either valued in our own minds or from others for what we do. There is a little feeling of dread of the August 1st date….A feeling that cannot be described to those who do not teach. Honestly, this year, I do not have the feeling.

In May 2010, I really felt so energized from my Personal Learning Network, I was not ready to be done with the school year. From so many educators around the world and from my school in Seymour, I had learned so much that I wanted to share with my students. Not only share with them what I had learned, but share with them how fun learning can be.

This fall I am expecting our second son. To be exact, he will probably be born in August! You may say..HA! She is not even going back to school right away…no wonder she does not feel any anxiety. The reality is that I must return to work shortly after he is born. It is hard for me as a mother to face this reality…my major saving grace is that I do love my job and my students. When people ask me how my summer was….I will say wonderful! Because it was.


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  1. Thierry & Marine
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 11:18:29

    Bonjour Cecilia !
    Nous découvrons avec plaisir ton blog et nous voyons que tu es bien occupée entre ton bébé, ton travail, ta maison certainement et la campagne électorale de “papa” Hutchison ! Tu es une vraie femme d’affaires ! Prévoierais-tu de venir en France en 2011 ? De notre côté, Marine et moi prévoyons d’aller te rendre une petite visite à Appleton en juin 2011. A quel moment viendrez-vous en France ?
    Nous t’embrassons et te souhaitons beaucoup de bonheur.
    Thierry & Marine.


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