Tagxedo Word Cloud

So many times with technology, I get a little shaken with how to work different web tools. Don’t get me wrong…I love them. I find the tools to be engaging and fun. What my traditional process of trying a new tool would be 1. Try it myself  2. Ask @jbrogley for help 3. Ask a student to show me how to work it. 4. Scream at my computer 5. Figure it out from one of the above and feel elated!

I received a tip from twitter about a new tool that is similar to Woordle….this one is Tagzedo.  http://www.tagxedo.com/app.html Super fun! Just briefly, my twitter PLN is amazing. I learned today there is a national conference for school board members. People at the conference are sharing tips and ideas! Imagine sharing tips and ideas!! It is awesome. That is how I found Tagxedo. One of my students last spring said, “Madame you have an unusual knack for finding bizarre websites.” What a compliment! I digress. Tagzedo is user friendly because I was able to figure out how to embed without asking @jbrogley for help. (Aren’t ya proud of me Jess?) The image is a word cloud of the previous post.

This is a fun tool I look forward to sharing with my students! I hope you will try it as well.


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