A gift from my mom

My mom with granddaughter Maria

For the past two years, my mom has written an email every Tuesday to her daughters and some of her closest friends and a couple of her siblings. My mom has a gift. She is an amazing writer. She is dedicated and determined. It takes her hours to write her email. Technology is challenging for her at times. She struggles with forwards and using yahoo. As she would say, “I have gifts but technology is not one of them.” But every week, as I open my email on Wednesday morning, there is always mom’s letter. My sisters and I are going to try to convince her to post her emails as a blog. She does not see value in it. I think her letters would give many a smile to know the happenings of our family.  The following is her email from this week. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks mom. I love you.

Merry Christmas week everyone, It looks very much like Christmas as I look out the window at 6 more inches of new snow. It is almost 30*, so it is sticking on trees. It is beautiful. I told Sara last night that I was glad it is going to be in the high 20s this week. She responded, “That sounds balmy.”

I was out at Tata Cece’s this past Thur. Baby Michael was not feeling the best and neither was his mom or me. Things are better now. Terry loves his Christmas tree. He and his mom keep decorating it and redecorating it – and Michael loves watching them and the tree lights.

Major problem at our church this week. Dad’s group( the folk choir) was to practice Tues. night. Well, Diane told Bev. the main choir was going to practice at that time- “Sorry,Bev” Bev disbanded the folk choir and they are not going to sing on Christmas day. I am hoping something will be resolved for the future but the Belgiums are almost as stubborn as the Irish. The reason the Norbertines first came here was to try to keep the Belgian Catholics from breaking away into their own little churches. A priest friend of dad’s asked him if he knew the difference between a terrorist and a liturgist? … You can negotiate with a terrorist.

It is a big week here. Patsy and Katie I wish you were able to join the rest of your sisters, but we look forward to a summer gathering with everyone here. We are expecting more snow so travel plans for everyone might change. I think we are ready. I pick up Sara at the airport in 2 hours, the Christmas News went to the P.O. today, the house is decorated, dad’s chili is made, Kelley and dad made another trip to the candy store, and there is lots of snow on the driveway for sledding.

I was looking at Bishop Morneau’s poems and I like this one for this week

LEVELS OF TRUTH a deep truth “I am” a deeper truth “you are” the deepest truth ” we are not alone”

We will not be alone with Jiff, Kelley, Bridg., Sara, Theresa, Cece and their families here.

Love to you all mom


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