Anyone up for sharing? Anyone?

Below is an email I sent out to the entire district where I teach. It is a smaller district but for some reason we rarely cross paths with the middle school or elementary school teachers. In the email, I was trying to sound excited, open and honest. I did not want to sound condescending or assuming. The whole purpose of the activity is for me to share what I have learned from Shelly Terrell’s book called The 30 Goals Challenge. Please read this short email:

Do you ever feel alone in your teaching? Do you ever feel like you are banging your head against a wall? Have you ever felt disconnected to your students? I have. This past year, I have learned about unconferences. It’s a place where teachers share and lead with their ideas and experiences. I would love to share with you a fabulous professional development opportunity. It’s free and will change your perspective! Please consider. I understand we have no time and are already giving 100%. If you can find 20 minutes, I would love to show you how I have learned from teachers all around the world. We will meet in my room (454 in the high school) on February 3rd at 3:15. This unconference is open to all staff members in our district. Please let me know if you will be attending.

Cecilia Schoultz

So far, there has been one person who has accepted from a list of over 150.  Should I be happy about one person? What could I do to encourage more to participate?

Since writing this post, I have will have 3 current teachers and 3 student teachers attending my sharing session. I also had one administrator decline but show support and gratitude. I’m very excited to share with the teachers some of the tools I have learned and how it has changed my teacher.


Nous n’aimons pas