Why not?

So many times, I hesitate in posting on my blog. I put it off…think I’ll come back to it but never do. Yes, I am busy. I have two small children, teach full time, took a group of students to France for 2 weeks…blah blah blah. We all have our busy lives. I have a fear in writing. The fear of the critique or fear of inadequacy.  (for example…the last idea was not a complete sentence…and three points in a row isn’t really sound writing). Hence the glory of the blog. It does not have to be perfect….but it has to be something. Without writing or without posting your thoughts and ideas, you might as well abandon the blog. For if we only write in it once a month, it does not serve a purpose. It becomes a dreaded task.

I am inspired by @nunavut_teacher  and other teachers on twitter for their continuous and loyal posting. How I enjoy their thoughts and ideas. I must continue to write without fear.


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