Post workshop thoughts

My first presentation went above average. I’m a big fan of Garrison Keiller. Anyway, I feel the need to process the presentation. First, I cannot explain how it feels to be sitting in a conference room alone wondering if anyone is going to show up. My workshop was on the last day in the afternoon with a large snow storm looming. As I entered the room, I watched the hiatus of people leaving the building. Oh, man. My ego was in check….don’t do this for the wrong reasons. Do your best. People will not judge. Just share as you do on twitter.

When 2:15 arrived, I shut the door and began my little presentation. There were about 10 people in the room. THANK you if you are one of them!!! The women were a wonderful audience. They shared information about themselves and asked great questions as the presentation went on.

During the presentation, I was able to connect with my friends in France. It was a short demo on the power of skype to build learning communities. Merci Thierry et Marine! Vous êtes trop sympas!!!

I finished a little early. It was okay. I made it. Now, I’m looking to dive in again!


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