Technology Workshop at SCSD

In the past, I have sat back and attending different technology workshops. I would listen to the presenter…throw in my ideas…and just enjoy the ride.

This year, the ride is different. I’m sitting at the teacher’s desk. I’m the “expert.” HA! I am just a teacher sharing some fun tools. But…it’s different. What I’ve learned from twitter is the importance of teachers stepping up as educational leaders. We do not need a person to come in and teach us a tool….we need to share with each other.

There was a little giggling and heckling about my references to twitter. Doesn’t bother me.  Okay…maybe a little. I hope one day they will find the educational resources that I have found through my twitter PLN.


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  1. Jessica Brogley (@jbrogley)
    Dec 11, 2011 @ 06:10:05

    I hope you keep presenting. I finally got to see you present in person and you were awesome. Your energy is contagious and you speak from the heart. There were no notes or canned lines. One person in the back said, “She’s so enthusiastic about this. She must be a good influence.” No kidding! You are awesome.


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