the deer or the cow

On my commute home from work, I drive past both a herd of cows and a herd of  roaming deer. One afternoon, a deer approached the cows eating their nightly dinner. I wondered how their lives are similar to humans or even more distinct students and their teachers. A cow lives its  life in general comfort. They can graze and socialize with fellow cows while living a rather content life. They face a destiny of death to feed humans. A deer, on the other hand, lives its life on the edge of danger but total and complete freedom.  The deer might have hungry days and cold nights but can roam prairies, forests and hills with the random nuances of people including buildings, roads and unfortunatly cars. The destiny of a deer is similar but not as predictable. They may be shot by hunters, hit by cars, die because of starvatioon and disease or just die.

Looking at myself as a teacher, am I living the content safe life or the free and careless life? I strive to make lessons interesting for my students. I try to be as real as possible for them…while enjoying my job. Honestly, I’m not sure the answer. My own perception is my reality. I perceive myself as a deer. 🙂

Looking at my students, do they strive to live the life of the cow or the deer. Do they like the comforts of worksheets and multiple-choice tests? They may succeed and have a GPA of a 4.0 with what worth?? Or do my students live the life of deer? Do they question authority? Do they strive for independence in their  learning?

I know as a student I was definilty a cow….now I hope to find balence between these two animal beings in my teaching and in my life.