A new beginning

In my 15th year of teaching, I am faced with the continual dilemma of my professional career. What does it take to be an effective educator? This year I am going to be evaluated on my effectiveness. How will this be measured? How do you value a teacher’s worth or work with students? Test scores? Behavior in the classroom? Homework? Grades?

I have been struggling with this new evaluation system. As a teacher, I know all I can do is be here for the students. Daily I am my authentic self. Students know that I am giving my best effort every day to teach them about French language and culture. It is difficult. As connected as I am to adolescents, it has become more and more challenging to teach them without feeling the need to be entertaining. Students have their devices and their continual connection to entertainment. It is difficult to compete with Snapchat, Instagram and other apps the students find instant humor or joy. This year I have decided to be diligent with helping the students to turn off their phone when it is appropriate.

I will be exploring the book, “Sit-down vs. Drive through”  to re-energize my classroom and my spirit! Let’s do this 2014!